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Park musicians

Yes, they'll be happy to play for your wedding. Central Park has many 'resident' musicians. They are used to weddings. If you like the saxophone player or the jazz violinist or the clarinet player under the bridge, -- just approach them and offer them a fee to play for your wedding. They have to leave their spot to go play for you, so offer them a reasonable amount. $40-50 seems to be is standard, though people have also offered less -- and more. Yesterday, we had a grand wedding at the Bethesda Fountain, and we met a hammered dulcimer player named Arlen Oleron (email Arlen and guitar player Joni Paladin (email PaladinTrio)who were playing traditional tunes - they easily moved their instruments to the plaza, and played for the bride coming down the stairs, the 'recessional', the signing of the license, and a little dancing. It was grand. I'll put the full info on my website and a picture -- but I'm off to another lovely wedding in a rush -- M


You need witnesses for a City Hall wedding

Just a reminder! A couple called us last week because they went to be married at City Hall and did not have their witnesses (usually two, but at least one legally required, over 18, must have ID) and were turned away. And no, they do NOT provide witnesses for you, should you arrive without any of your own.

You need to bring your witness/es (and rings, for some weird reason) to a City Hall wedding. You cannot make a reservation or an appointment, you just wait in line in the hallway for your turn with the judge. You'll know whether you want to do this when you go through the license application process. The new accommodations at the Tweed Courthouse are quite nice - and a good solution for some couples.

Of course if you prefer a private wedding or elopement, or wish to write your own vows, or to be married at your own location (or even down the block, at City Hall Park by the fountain), or at a different time than the Courthouse is open, we'll help you. Just contact us and we'll be happy to make suggestions about a personalized or private ceremony. But however you get married -- CONGRATULATIONS!

Another Fab wedding dress

Here's a pix of a groom reading his vows in the Vale of Kasmir, in Prospect Park. It's dusk, and the birds are zooming low. The pix is by Tiffany Hagler, you can see her work here: A lovely, romantic wedding.


Recession Hotel pricing - tourist bargains

There's an arch little article in the Times today on "bargains" at NY hotels and fancy eateries. There's even this delicious sentence:
"Newer restaurants that would have remained packed for months are now easier to get into... 'I think that one reason we’re seeing this is because when money is tighter, people are less willing to take a risk — to waste money on a high beta meal' "

A "beta meal" is like a theatre preview - 'Prime reservations were open at several hot spots in recent weeks, including Matsugen, a newly opened restaurant from Jean-Georges Vongerichten'. You still can't get into the Waverly, but if you're feeling 'beta', things are looking up for fancy meals at a knock-down.

So - if you're planning a New York visit, and a bit of wedding splurge, try the sites mentioned in the Times article, and do some judicious shopping:

"Right now, two Kimpton hotels, 70 Park Avenue and the Muse, are offering 20 percent off the best available rate Fridays and Saturdays. 'Even over periods that are extremely tight, there seems to be more availability than in the past,' said Ray Vastola, president of, pointing out some very good deals should be available for the first two weeks of December, when the city is typically packed with out-of-town visitors"...The Loews Regency, on Park Avenue, is promoting a “Harvest of Benefits” package through Dec. 30 with a $50 credit for a two-night stay, $75 for three nights and $100 for four or is offering as much as 20 percent off many New York hotels, including Le Parker Meridien, the Sheraton Manhattan at Times Square and the Westin New York.

and for a little pampering -- "Spa Week, which has become a bi-annual event, with spas offering signature treatments for $50, begins tomorrow and runs through Oct. 19 (,the popular Bliss spas are offering 10 percent off a facial, massage or body treatment if you book it for a Monday through Thursday".

Shop around. Be a tourist in your own city, as well, and hunt for a few wedding bargains.


Weddings on Boats

We had a SUPER wedding last Friday - friends of the groom arranged a small launch to take us into NY Harbor with a view of the Statue of Liberty, and we performed the wedding at sunset in the tiny back of the boat. Quite memorable (if rather rocky!) A few warnings: You need permission to get close to the SofL, so a chartered boat or registered harbor cruise is a good choice. Also: you can have the CEREMONY ITSELF on a boat (including a public boat like the Staten Island Ferry or any other ferry), but you must officially SIGN THE LICENSE on terra firma, with a real street address. You must be in NY for a NY license, not New Jersey. The same goes for weddings on bridges, hot air balloons, or anything where your feet are not on a real NY intersection. Alternatively, consider holding the ceremony FIRST on the docks, perhaps, or a restaurant with a water view, and then embarking on your wedding cruise and reception. Bon Voyage!
(Note: - no weddings are permitted AT the Statue of Liberty itself, as all tours must be booked with a ranger. Choose a wedding site on terra firma with a nice view of Lady Liberty - we suggest Wagner Park.