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Weddings on Boats

We had a SUPER wedding last Friday - friends of the groom arranged a small launch to take us into NY Harbor with a view of the Statue of Liberty, and we performed the wedding at sunset in the tiny back of the boat. Quite memorable (if rather rocky!) A few warnings: You need permission to get close to the SofL, so a chartered boat or registered harbor cruise is a good choice. Also: you can have the CEREMONY ITSELF on a boat (including a public boat like the Staten Island Ferry or any other ferry), but you must officially SIGN THE LICENSE on terra firma, with a real street address. You must be in NY for a NY license, not New Jersey. The same goes for weddings on bridges, hot air balloons, or anything where your feet are not on a real NY intersection. Alternatively, consider holding the ceremony FIRST on the docks, perhaps, or a restaurant with a water view, and then embarking on your wedding cruise and reception. Bon Voyage!
(Note: - no weddings are permitted AT the Statue of Liberty itself, as all tours must be booked with a ranger. Choose a wedding site on terra firma with a nice view of Lady Liberty - we suggest Wagner Park.