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Licensed Officiant? We get letters...

Dear ladies at ElopeNewYork:
".....My husband and I got married on the beach back in September with all of our friends and family in attendance. After mailing in our license, we learned that our officiant was not registered in the State of New York and so our marriage was not legally recognized. Now we need to get married legally and are looking for a registered officiant to perform the required ceremony and sign the paper work.
Please let me know if you can help us...." Thank you for your time, [Name removed]

Please note - you need a license from New York, and you need an OFFICIANT who is LEGALLY REGISTERED with the City of New York.  You can't come over from Pennsylvania with an out of state license, and an out of town officiant and get LEGALLY married in NY/NYS.

All the wedding grannies are registered officiants in New York City AND New York State, and we're happy to confirm this -


What does a wedding cost?

It's simple.  These are ballpark figures for a simple Central park wedding (or Brooklyn Bridge, etc.) We have heard HORROR STORIES of simple park weddings that are far above these rates.  Be watchful. All you really need to do is pay an officiant's fee, and a $25 permit.  DON'T PAY MORE!

Park Permit - Apply Online, $25.  You can often have this mailed to your officiant's address.

Marriage License - Apply Online, $35  
You just go down and pick it up together 24 hours before the wedding.  Simple.  No-one needs to GO WITH YOU.  All you are doing is showing your ID and purchasing the license. 

Marriage Officiant - Fee varies, generally $300-400 depending on requirements, time, location.  Photographer - Fee varies, depending on amount of time and how pictures are processed and delivered.  Shop around! Ask your officiant for a photographer they have worked with.
Flowers: Pick them up at corner florist or go down to Chelsea.

If you go up to the Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center, you will need to pay the admission/elevator fee for your wedding party, and the officiant.  The Conservatory Garden and the Brooklyn Bridge Park (parts of it) may be more expensive.  But the permit for all others parks is only $25.00  

And yes, a tip is always appreciated.