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Problems with rowboats in Central Park - the dress!

Problems with rowboats in Central Park - wear the right clothing!

Advice from Eileen:  "Twice last week the gowns were too big for the boats....elope in something smaller and let's row into your new life!!!"
(here's an old pix from Fall - witnesses in the other boat...)


Secret Central Park

Secret Central Park
Eileen reminded me about this older website, which has great closeup shots of some of the shelters and locations in Central Park. Yes, the Ladies Pavilion is pretty - but the ceiling is low (imagine those people standing up!) and I much prefer the Dene Hut, on the East Side.


Joy and photography in Central Park weddings

Here is one of our other favorite pictures, and another delightful photographer, Maria Melin. I have NO idea how she managed this, but this couple was extremely happy!

Central Park in Spring - horses, gazebos, and red flowers

A couple at their wedding in Central Park, making the acquaintance of a carriage horse on 59th.  The picture, and the one below, of them inside Cop Cot with Chaplain Eileen, is by Beowulf, a dear friend and a great photographer