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What is a wedding? from Kim Coccagnia

(Here is a bit of the article by KIM from her photographer blog, I edited it a teeny bit for space, so go read it all..)

"...To some it involves a limo, a beautiful white dress, tuxedos, 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen, 200 of your closest friends and relatives, favors, a cake, a year in planning etc… that’s what most think of when they think of a wedding anyway. However a wedding can also be a couple, 2 plane tickets, an intimate ceremony with or without a few close friends and a romantic dinner after. Is one better than the other? An affirmative NO!

I'm writing this because I was recently interviewed by the NY Daily news and it occurred to me how many people are unaware of the concept of "Eloping". The Daily News story was actually focused more on 'Guerrilla Weddings' and they contacted and myself and asked us about our experiences (with) Guerrilla weddings or 'Flash Mob Weddings'... when the couple and say 50 of their guests show up and surprise a public venue with a ceremony. These weddings are often frowned upon, because they are looked at as a nuisance. So don't even think about it.

The more I spoke to the interviewer the more she was surprised (and happy) to know that there are other options for couples. The weddings we do are more quiet, legal and sweet...

It has become a trend to come and get hitched here in New York City. Alone or with a few close guests whether you’re from New York, London, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iceland, Sweden, or Chicago. New York welcomes you. Frankly I believe New York is the best city in the world to get hitched, with so many fun options.

You can wear a Red dress, Blue dress, Black dress, snake skin boots, you can pick up your flowers on the way to the ceremony at a bodega (NOTE FROM MARY: That's NY for "deli" or "corner grocery"). Eloping here REALLY does mean anything goes.

When you choose to elope, there is no major planning process, no stress, and no worrying about where to sit your crazy aunt Helen, JUST the two of you... All of our couples do pick a fun location somewhere in NYC, whether it be a park, a cozy side street in the east village, or the city clerks office for the ceremony.
Some..get married at the lunch or dinner local. The only thing this requires is to have the officiant come to you, perform a short 5-minute ceremony and Voila. You’re Married...

...I have also had couples that choose a combination of the two, an intimate quiet wedding WITH a white dress and a cake...  Here are a couple having a nice lunch at City Hall Restaurant, Granite Room...

At the end of the day there is no right way to be married. Its what fits you best and what means something to you. If that means a wedding with 500 people, fantastic, if it means you, me and an officiant, that’s fantastic too!"

Kim Coccagnia featured in NYDaily News

Our friend Photographer Kim Coccagnia was recently featured in a NY Daily News article on 'Guerilla weddings'. See all the details on Kim's Blog

Yeah Kim! Note that she is offering a romantic VALENTINE's DAY WEDDING SPECIAL with our good friend Chaplain Eileen. It looks like a swell deal, says I.


Winter Formal Wedding on Bow Bridge

The Storm can't keep romance away. Here is a lovely couple from the UK on Bow Bridge, just after the big storm. The officiant was Chaplain Eileen, who took this great pix. Top hat! White Wrap! Snow! (I would had added white faux fur earmuffs)


HiLine in winter - a brief glimpse at the snow

Notice the absence of people, too - a great place for a quick winter elopement.


Winter Wedding in Central Park

Winter wedding, Central Park, Officiant, Eileen Regan.

A New York elopement, and an article in Glamour

Our friend Photographer Sarah Sloboda was recently featured in an article in Glamour Weddings, called "Real Weddings - Alice and Andy".  The officiant was our good friend Eileen, who has married couples at practically all of these locations, and in all sorts of weather.   No you can't get MARRIED at the Guggenheim without a big trust fund (you can see the article for pix of the real wedding in Ladies Pavilion) but you can always go INSIDE the lobby and take some informal shots....Hurrah for Sarah!

Fed up with wedding planning? Warning: This super-simple New York wedding might just make you want to elope!  Alice and Andy were married on September 27 in New York City’s Central Park. They spent the morning of their (rainy!) wedding day with their wedding photographer, posing for pictures at New York City landmarks—Grand Central Station, the Guggenheim Museum—and in an iconic yellow cab. Then they were joined by three friends, their witnesses, for the ceremony at the historic Ladies Pavilion in Central Park.