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Eloping at Rock Center, vs bigger weddings

Reminder: This blog is about ELOPING, not about big weddings.  You can't take 40 people up to the Top of the Rock. You can't take 20 people onto the Brooklyn Bridge -- and someone just wrote me about booking 620 Loft for 15 people - that's the Terrace at Rockefeller overlooking 5th avenue.  It's BEAUTIFUL, but in 2008 it was already evidently $20,000 to rent (and $75K for a holiday) plus catering, etc. 

So sometimes your consideration should be about the space (Top of the Rock is best for under 10) sometimes the cost (pretty spaces cost a LOT of money), but if you are planning a wedding for more than a handful of people, it's a much different situation than a romantic elopement or private wedding.  Be creative! Book a friend's party room at their condo, ask your friends about their loft, book a restaurant for a 'function' and then have a small wedding before dinner, find a hotel with a terrace -- but please remember that space in NY costs a lot - because it's hard to find.  And the park is FREE (until you get to 20 people).  So have a winter (blizzard) wedding and then hot chocolate - or go skating, and then have a nice dinner (or a cheap and cheerful feast in Little India on 6th and 2nd).

Hipster popup weddings in Brooklyn!

We officiated at 5 lovely weddings at the Williamsburg PopUp Wedding Chapel in June. Lovely couples, arriving on Vespas,with pink hair to match the paper streamers, good music, hugs and happy families. Enjoy the pix. Pix by Sarah Sloboda

Note to Canadian Readers - 3 of the four couples included a Canadian! From Vancouver, Red Deer and Ontario. You can see some more pix from one of the Canadian photographers, Mango Studios, HERE.


Rockefeller Center is all dressed up for an elopement

Just remember, you can't really find a place to stand around the tree for a wedding - but you can have your picture taken there, of course. It's also a madhouse of people, so you can't really hear.  But you can always go UP to the Top of the Rock for a great view!