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Bethesda Fountain | Your Complete Guide to Central Park

Bethesda Fountain
is repaired... the washrooms are still closed, and Cherry Hill is still under repair.


Top of the Rock wedding (Rockefeller Centre)

The Top of the Rock on a misty day, another picture by the excellent Katje Hempel.
Even on a cloudy, rainy day, you can see the Empire State Building rising from the mist. But it's dry and warm in side, and then you can pop outside to the observation deck for some dramatic pix.


Hi Line Wedding

Well, this was the FIRST wedding ever held on the hiline - I just found the picture now.  The photographer was the excellent Katje Hempel, and this is just BEFORE the heavens opened and we all ran from a torrential downpour and hid under the overpass.  This is the southern end of the HiLine, at Gansevoort, and you can see the glass panel which is the most southernly end.  You can manage to do a 'guerilla' wedding on the hiline, but best is midmorning, and mid-week - this is a Monday @ 10 am, and we sort of assembled like a flashmob.

Great pix from Bow Bridge in Central Park

Here's a lovely picture of a couple on Bow Bridge in Central Park, with the San Remo in the background, and some little boats wandering through the lake.

The photographer is our friend, Mike Skoglund.  Our colleague Eileen performed the wedding ceremony. 

Lovely sunny day! 


Most Elaborately Choreographed Wedding Proposal Ever - in Madison Park


As the comments say:
No, a proposal like this isn't for everyone. But it's clear from her responses that she's not upset. She's marrying a guy who it appears went to clown school? ... Anyone who has that amount of enthusiasm for sheer, balls-to-the-wall adoration and love, I can't help but like. And it's touching that she's so surprised and ohmygod that she forgets her purse, but he runs back to get it for her.


Central Park Construction Update: Bethesda Terrace, Cherry Hill

Central Park Construction Update: Bethesda Terrace, Cherry Hill

Remember, Central Park is bigger than Monaco, and you can always find another spot. But do avoid these areas if you don't want netting and bobcats in your pictures.