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New York's Highline Opens - Map of entrances.

pix by Jason Kuffer. Yes, you can get married at the Highline. But for now, why not just enjoy a quiet walk? It's not very big (only the southern end is open), and a brief small wedding of 5 people might be nice - but there are so many BIGGER parks to choose, of course. We'd hate to see this oasis of calm get swamped with events (though we have already seen wedding photographers clump up the stairs with high-heeled bridies). Here's a MAP of where you can enter.

See Katie Sokoler's night-time pix! (Katie shot the Improv Wedding Reception photos, below!)

UPDATE: OK, we DID marry a nice couple on a Monday Morning - very quick, 20 people, we had to run from the rain, but it was fun. But it's generally impossible later in the day or on the weekend - the guards will tell you stories about the crowding and the lines and the hissy fits over the lounge chairs, etc.