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July 4 Wedding? Car-less Times Square is hot

-- as in sunburned. Here is a pix from Streetblog on the new car-less pedestrian MALL. We were there today - wall-to-wall tourists guarding the free folding chairs with their lives. Fun, if you want to be on a zillion home videos.

UPDATE June 11: And of course, it's STILL a rainy summer - Via Gawker, here are some Military Brides getting married in Times Square (and avoiding the garbage).

July 4 will be an interesting weekend. (Write us at if you're considering a wedding this week and we'll give you personal advice). The fireworks are moving to the Hudson, so the East River and South Street Seaport which has a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge, might even have standing space. If you want another memorable background, try Wagner Park, with a great view of the Statue of Liberty. Or of course Brooklyn Bridge itself, or the Brooklyn Promenade (right) or the Fulton Ferry Landing for best views of Manhattan.

As everyone heads to the Hudson river after supper to see fireworks, consider a 6pm wedding in less crowded parts of Central Park. Or perhaps the gaslights and fountains of City Hall Park - (right) a little more shade than Times Square, and just as historic. Happy Holiday!