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Construction Alert: Ladies Pavilion

They've boxed the trees and are repairing fences to the South, and will move around over to Cherry Hill and work on the shoreline. The small rustic pavilion is inaccessible, but the LP is still open.

UPDATE: The fence is up to the LP, and they've closed off the bridge and walkway by the Ramble, too. In talking to the work crews, they indicate that the work is on the southern shoreline first. But the permit office is still indicating that work will actually be done around the pavilion, so they have stopped issuing permits. We're going ahead with our booked weddings, but have alternative plans just in case.

If you have a permit for a wedding already, and your group is smallish, all may be well, or you may wish to call the permit office and try to rebook. We don't know how long this will last, so I'm not sure about Fall. Consider some of the other little rustic shelters around the lake for small weddings, or of course Cop Cot, the Belvedere (castle) terrace with the gazebos - here's a picture looking up from the Shakespeare garden, or even the Dene, on the East Side. Be creative - go NORTH to the lovely spots around the Mere and the pool - or try to book the terrace in front of King Jagiello which looks at the castle and the turtle pond. Explore the park!


Central Park Events mailing list

You can sign up for a weekly or monthly newsletter on the Central Park website, and be aware of any special events in the parks. Be especially aware of concerts and races - which can impede access to popular wedding locations.


Wedding Season Crush - popular sites

Here's a fun picture of multiple brides on Fulton Ferry Landing, below Brooklyn Bridge. I shot it from the bridge, while waiting for a bride. It's WEDDING SEASON!
There was ONE wedding happening on the bridge (to the back, where you can't see it), and the other 5 brides are having photo sessions. There was also a wedding on the terrace at the River Cafe, which is on the other side.

It's pretty obvious: if YOU can think of a romantic spot with a good view, so can everyone else! So be prepared for other weddings and wedding photo sessions in your vicinity. One solution is to have your actual wedding in a more secluded spot, and then go to the touristy areas for the photo ops. And, of course, try to reserve your spots in the City Parks, even if you have less than 20 people. It gives you right of place - which you should exercise diplomatically. Everyone is always quite friendly and if your chosen location is full, you can always find another nice spot - New York is a big place. But write to us if you want our advice about your location choice in "high season". Cheers!

[Update: The Ladies Pavilion may be CLOSED for renovation this year. But, we don't know WHEN - and neither does the Parks Dept. They are rebuilding the western banks now, but there is talk of restoring the skating pond and the original environs. If you have it reserved you should be OK - but we're happy to suggest alternatives]


Tavern on the Green up for bids


It's DEAN POLL, who runs the Boathouse.

In other news: Cafe des artistes is closing, too.

You may have been following the bidding war for the new lease for TOTHG - but here is a NYTimes tour of the potential bidders - End result. It will still BE here after Dec 31- but not necessarily under the same name or owners. Book carefully.

Update:Robert De Niro Interested In Historic Restaurant

Veteran actor Robert De Niro has now set his sights on one of New York's most famous restaurants - Central Park's Tavern on the Green. He already owns more than 20 restaurants around the world The Oscar winner is a regular diner at the Tavern, which has appeared in movies such as ‘Wall Street', ‘The Out-of-Towners' and ‘Ghostbusters' and is currently the second highest grossing restaurant in the U.S.


Dropping the Ring through Brooklyn Bridge (Don't Do This!)

Gothamist: "Sure, proposing on the bustling pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge seems picturesque, but perhaps being up there holding on to a tiny ring with your nervous, sweaty, about-to-propose hands isn't actually the best idea. One would-be-groom has learned that the hard way, and he showed up on the Today show earlier to tell his harrowing tale.

Don Walling got down on one knee in front of his fiancee-to-be, Gina Pellicani, but "then the ring flew out of the box and fell to the roadway below." Whoops-a-daisy! Acting fast (and not so sensibly) he climbed down the bridge to get to the roadway, triggering a suicide jumper alert! Once he convinced the NYPD he wasn't looking to take the big dive, they helped stop traffic and he was actually able to retrieve the ring as his would-be-fiance and her family were watching (and filming) all along through the giant gaps in the walkway planks"