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Times Square & Broadway Mall for weddings?

Update: They're digging the paving blocks and re-arranging the fences - so it's a go. Maybe by Memorial Day?

Mayor Bloomberg has announced Times Square will become a pedestrian mall for 5 blocks in May, as the city tries to ease traffic congestion in the theater district... Cars will be banned on Broadway from 47th to 42nd streets and the avenue given over to chairs, benches and café tables with umbrellas. So yes, if you REALLY WANT it, we will consider marrying you in Times Square - but it's going to be berryberry crowded, capisce? Better for pix, not the ceremony itself..



We have met many wonderful photographers in NY. You can find a list of some we have worked with HERE.
We particularly enjoy working with Beowulf Shaheen and Kim Coccagnia and Ryan Brenizer. I'll start a list of photographers at the side when I get a moment.

Cheap Broadway Tickets - and other treats

I usually ask eloping couples what ELSE they are doing in NY (besides getting married). Here is an easy way to get broadway tickets. Go to You do not need to register online (Like, and you can find coupons contributed by other users. There's Broadway, Off-Broadway, sports events, music, and other treats. WATCH EXPIRY DATES. Print the coupon or just call the box office with the discount code. You will get better seats by going to the Box Office with the coupon than standing in line at TKTS, and it's usually the same discount.
Tourist discounts: Hit the Tourist Office at Times Square, and pick up little wallet cards for $5 off Circle line tours, $2 off Top of the Rock, even a free cup of coffee at the Met museum. These make great favors for your out of town guests as well.


Find sunset time for Central Park

Here's a useful link to calculate sunset time in New York on your wedding date. And I've added some webcams in the links at the right so you can check weather and traffic - and see what people are wearing today. And here is a currency exchange, for quick calculations about funds.


Nice magazine story - a Top of the Rock wedding!

Here's a fab couple from the UK again, with shots from their super photographer, Steve Gerrard. Their "New York Wedding Story" has made it into the February issue of Live 24/7 Magazine (only available in the UK, sorry!)Congrats to all!


Easy steps for a perfect elopement

Planning an elopement or private wedding is pretty simple - but just like a big wedding, you can eliminate some headaches by thinking ahead.

1. Location: Decide whether you want a very private service, or a fun ceremony in a public place where other people might be around on the fringes. For real privacy, you need a hotel room or your home or apartment, or a private room in a restaurant; somewhere with a door. Even in a very secret glade in a park, some tourists will wander by, though they always stay at a distance and are polite. New York is crowded, and we know how to give each other private space - but tourists, not so much! (Pix by Tiffany Hagler)
2. Go to City Hall EARLY and get your license before the lines get long. They close at 3:45 sharp. Don't forget to bring your license the day of the wedding. Make sure you have witnesses for the ceremony, or ask your photographer to be a witness (or the hotel concierge, or of course a friend or family member over age 18).
2. Make 'bad weather' plans. Always have a backup plan for an outdoor ceremony (even if it is your umbrella). You can always have a ceremony in your hotel room, and then go out on the town to visit famous landmarks or even take that romantic carriage ride in the mist or snow.
3. Plan your travel. It's HARD to get a taxi at 5pm, when shifts change. Or in the rain. New Yorkers hop out of cabs and descend to the subway when cross-town traffic gridlocks. Give yourself some 'traffic' wiggle room. If possible, do a dry run the day before to see how long it takes from your hotel to your wedding destination. (Pix by Steve Gerrard)
4. Charge your camera batteries.
5. Take along some cash if you want to ask a park musician to play for you, or to tip the concierge for letting you use an empty penthouse suite.
6. Plan your post-wedding drinks, so you know where you'll go to rest your feet before dinner. This is the time to enjoy famous watering holes (The Algonquin, the Plaza, The Boat House, Cafe Des Artistes - or the magnificent views at Beekman Towers) - then go somewhere else fun for dinner, after all, you're all dressed up!
7. Check sunset times to make sure you leave enough time for post-wedding pictures. Here's a couple cutting sunset a BIT too close!
8. Enjoy yourself! You picked a romantic elopement and a big city experience. Have fun amid the traffic, the tourists, the taxis and the trees. Go with the flow and roll with the funny stuff. Buy your flowers from a local florist or street deli. Go down to Times Square and wave at the folks back home on the Web Cam. Take the ferry, or a horse ride, or just walk through the park arm in arm. Congratulations!


Feb 2 is St. Bride's Day

Feb 2, Groundhog Day or Candlemas, is the Feast of St. Brigid (Secondary Patron of Ireland) and Lá Feabhra - the first day of Spring. Brigit, seen here as a female smith, is called Bride in Scotland. Brigid aids any woman about to be married, and the woman is called “bride” in her honor. See more here.