UPDATE 2020! Mary has relocated to Toronto, Canada. You can find information about Canadian weddings at ElopeToronto.com I'm keeping this blog because I've been told it's very helpful for couples in New York! If you need a wedding officiant in New York or Toronto, email me at MaryBeaty (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll try to help. Best wishes! Stay safe!


Valentine's Day Weddings

Biggest Day of the Year. Weddings, Proposals AND wedding photographers all over the place. Fri. Feb 13 will be CRAZY at City Hall. Consider scheduling your wedding for earlier or later in the week - flowers and champagne will be a silly price on V Day, and restaurants will be trying to think of some way to turn tables when couples want to sit and hold hands... it's New York, after all.
Advice: Avoid the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (lines will be TERRIBLE), and popular parts of the park (Strawberry Fields, Ladies Pavilion, Bow Bridge). Look up "Romantic Restaurants" on menupages - then don't go there. Or best of all - have your last 'single person' date on VDay, and get married February 15. You can repeat that 'last date' every year on Feb. 14!
Update: Of course we DID marry people on Feb 14: we had some very nice weddings today - but the subways were HORRIBLE. Hope your VDay was cheery - it's cold in NY this week...