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A little notice in the Times...

The New York Times called last week to ask my opinion on the numbers of elopements, compared to traditional weddings. It was fun to see at least a sentence or two end up in the paper today in the Style section under Like Romeo and Juliet - with a happy ever after".

Of course they didn't use most of the interview (that's journalism) - but we also discussed the reasons for the growing trends in elopements and private weddings, which are only partly economic, and also include a growing interest in ecological & green weddings, an interest in smaller, family weddings & being married at home, and the increase in 'destination' weddings -- I noticed they did keep my comment that couples are worried about imposing larger wedding costs on their friends and families. Anyway, it was fun. The same reporter was at a lovely small house wedding on Friday, featured in the Times on Sunday.see above. It's nice to see these small informal weddings getting noticed as a trend.


Rockefeller Center Tree Weddings - crunch in a fishbowl

It's holiday time -- and lots and lots of people have asked about being married in front of the tree in Rockefeller Center. Just a note for people from out of town: It's crowded, it's crazy, it's loud, the rink is loud, there's no space, and the endless lines for the Rockettes snake up around the corner, and there's no place to stand, and probably, fuggedaboutit! (though we will be happy to marry you there if you really really want it) - but Times Square is less crowded than Rockefeller Center at this time.

Consider: Central park, Bryant park, Battery Park, Madison Park, in front of the Lincoln Center tree (ok, maybe next year after they've finished construction), or Top of the Rock, a carriage in the park, almost anywhere but THE TREE. Then go have your picture taken in front of THE TREE - if you can get close to it in the crush! Merry Christmas! Jingle jingle!


Get married at home

A few people have contacted us to say they're forgoing the big hotel or restaurant wedding, and downsizing, and decided to get married in the park, or -- at home! We, of course, think home weddings are wonderful. Our great grandmothers used to get married at home, and it's a great time to re-start this tradition. You can read our earlier post for a few hints about a home wedding. Congratulations!