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Brooklyn Bridge - Fulton State Park wedding permits now OPEN


The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy (Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, or EFFSP) have just opened their online permit application for SMALL low-impact (under 50 people max) weddings under the bridge on the new pier. Get in FAST. But remember, it's REALLY expensive. The cheapest is the Boardwalk for 90 minutes seems to be $700 for under 50 people. You can download a PDF with the price list from the link below. For smaller budgets, try the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Fulton Ferry landing, the Promenade, etc. (Or just the bridge, for a half-dozen people).

Brooklyn Bridge Conservancy Wedding Permits

"There are three locations for ceremonies in the park: The South Lawn (big lawn in front of the Tobacco Warehouse), the North Boardwalk, and the South Boardwalk. The South Lawn can hold up to 100 people, but only a very limited set up is permitted. Both the North and South Boardwalk can hold up to 150 people and have no restrictions for the set up. The North Boardwalk is the area closer to the Manhattan Bridge, near the picnic tables, and is very spacious. The South Boardwalk is closer to the Brooklyn Bridge, located at the very end of the Park and allows for more privacy."
For all private events (picnics, weddings, photography), please contact Sam Wasko at (718) 802-0603 x14.

Remember, there are all those EVENTS scheduled all the time which are busy and noisy and will interrupt your wedding.


Changing your name: Practical Steps

If eloping is a sudden decision, and you haven't had time to think deeply about changing your surname, we suggest you do NOT change your name on the marriage license, and leave this decision to a later date, perhaps if children arrive. You may always change your name in the future, but you cannot go back and change your marriage license, if you decide that you really didn't want to be Mrs. Rutabaga-Sauerkraut, but were happier staying Ms. Turnip.

Here is the original post with a discussion of whether you should change your name, and how to do it in New York.

If you DO change your name, here are some links to change your official documents:

Social Security form (PDF)
DMV office locations in NY.
[You have to visit the DMV in person, and bring your marriage license]
Passport Office
[You have to send your marriage license and passport - so if you're traveling for your honeymoon, book the travel in your maiden name].

Also change:

Credit Cards
Bank Accounts
Lease, Mortgage
Utility Bills
Health Care
Post Office
Voter registration
Professional associations, memberships

Central Park weddings: Event Calendar

Don't forget to check the Central Park Event Calendar when planning a park wedding. On Saturday, the free Bon Jovi concert starts at 8 - 60,000 people on the Great Lawn. But they're letting them IN starting at 2pm. We're having a small wedding at 11 - and plan to be long gone.

Always watch for the marathons, the 1/2 marathons, the walks, the concerts -- the parades and holiday celebrations - it makes for delays with your taxis, crowds, and of course concert noise. It's a big park, so you can always get away and find room, but it's best to be aware of what else is happening.

UPDATE: So the park was frozen (locked down) at 4am. When we got there, the cattle gates were up from 86-59. Always be very nice to NY cops - you never know! We chatted with the men on gate duty, explained that the bride and groom's parents were coming from Tokyo, and that we had the location booked. They were very sympathetic, asked their super, who thought it was romantic, and they sneaked us in the barrier, and we had a great wedding in the Shakespeare garden - completely private. They posed with the wedding party, one of the cops asked me if I'd renew his wedding vows, and all the cops along the root shouted 'congratulations' as we left. They were also mad, because this was an unscheduled event, and they had to work double shifts. And somehow, everybody in NY loves weddings - we've had lots of cooperation through the years from strangers. Give it a try.