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Wintry Grand Central elopement

Grand Central! Eileen sent this in, saying 'what a lovely couple'!  This is about as big a wedding as it's possible to set up at Grand Central (10 people) but it's certainly fun on a winter day. Best to avoid the holiday commuting hordes, tho.


Winter Wedding in Central Park (above Gapstow Bridge)

So we climbed the rock ABOVE the bridge!  Great views, tho I am looking a little bit worried because the couple are about to do a "jump" shot, and they're rather close to the edge of this rock!


Winter's coming! Snowy rooftop wedding

This is possibly the prettiest winter wedding I ever remember seeing.  It was Eileen, last year,. who conducted this, I think on a rooftop in Brooklyn, (tho I will check, and of course I'll try to find the name of the fantastic photographer).  As we are talking to winter brides these days, I just thought I'd post this Narnia-like picture!


Brooklyn Bridge Wedding - happy couple

Some couples are young, some couples are more seasoned.  All weddings are delightful, and the Brooklyn Bridge is always a great spot for a (very small) private wedding...  Eileen was the officiant, again.

Long Island City wedding

The view from Long Island City - now isn't that just a fairy tale wedding?  Eileen was the officiant.


Yes, the lake froze! Bethesda Fountain in the freeze....

Remember this year!  The ducks will!
Note the bride's bare arms!

Eileen in Central Park in the Freeze!