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City Hall: Problems with mailing licenses overseas

We have had a small rush of problems with some international licenses NOT BEING RECEIVED IN THE MAIL by couples from overseas (Australia, Germany, Sweden). What this means, is that the marriage is duly registered, and the City states they have issued the Registration Certificate AND MAILED IT, but that it has failed to reach the couples through the postal mail.

Theories range from  to mistakes in addressing  to postage difficulties - but the result is the same. You would need to get a notary's letter to get a duplicate license issued.

We're concerned enough (and have heard similar stories from other officiants) to make this strong suggestion to OVERSEAS couples:

If you obtain your marriage license from 141 Worth Street in Manhattan, try to arrange your holiday so that you can go BACK to the same office on the next workday following your wedding, and simply have them certify and print the Registration certificate while you wait - it's only $15, and then you will be CERTAIN that you have your license without worrying about the vagaries of the Postal System.  You can also walk down the block to the Court and obtain an apostille the same day, if required.

Caveat - and good luck.