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Multicultural mega-weddings, why you should elope

Go see this post on our other blog - or just go see this MASSIVE multicultural wedding for 1000 people where the bride had to change clothes 4 times. Yes, we'll do that type of wedding for you (well, we do the Western part, it usually happens about 4 pm at the 2nd change of clothes). But really, it's often for the parents, not for the couple. Or that's what I've been told by the long-suffering brides who get up at 4 am for the first dressing and hair do. If it means an exotic honeymoon where you can get away from being on display for two sets of extended family for several days, it might be a tradeoff. But every bride I have met who has to do this lived on ibuprofen for weeks. Elope already. Then have some welcome home parties.