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Locations for elopement ceremonies

Central Park weddingWe'll write more about this anon -- but here are some quick ideas: parks, bridges, the seashore (even Coney Island in winter), in a horse carriage in Central Park. Inside: your apartment! Clear a space by a window, add some flowers, cherry blossoms, etc. Brooklyn Apartment wedding Pick up something from the florists down on 26th and 7th. We have married many people in their apartments - and also in their hotel suites. Order dinner in your hotel room to follow. Ask the concierge if there is an empty room, meeting room, or penthouse. A good time is to use the penthouse room between checkout and the new tenant. (11 am to 2pm). Ask if there is a party room, rooftop seasonal room, or any other space you can use for 4 people for 1/2 hour. Tip well! Also, many restaurants will let you use private rooms or an alcove between lunch and dinner service. Stress that this is a quiet civil wedding, no confetti, no fuss, you'll just need a place to stand quietly for 1/2 an hour -- and you'll buy wine or some food to celebrate. See our website for some places we have used... For a small party (12-30) we can recommend the Library Hotel at Madison and 41st, available for weddings in the afternoon, the Kitano Hotel, and any restaurant with private rooms. Irish pubs often have private rooms and are accommodating in the afternoon. We have used Moran's in Chelsea, or Keens Chop House near Macy's, for instance.

You can also use your apartment, your hotel, your friend's home. Here is a post on getting married at home - or see this post from our other general blog: wedding locations